Stories and musings from a professional stunt man


John Evenden

SAG-Aftra Stuntman/ Fight Director / Weapons Specialist

Mobile:  (404)786-6140

   HT: 6’4” (193 cm)         Inseam: 36’’        Chest: 40’’        Hair: Brown

   WT: 200 lbs. (91 kg)        Neck: 16’’        Waist: 34            Eyes: Brown

   Tattoo/Piercing: None        Sleeve: 25        Shoe: 16            Vision: 20/40

Special Abilities and Training

Fight Choreographer and Sword Master:

Broadsword, Sword & Shield, Rapier & Dagger, Case Rapier, Gladius, Single Sword, Small Sword, Katana, Quarterstaff, Spear, Knife, Unarmed

Fight Choreographer and Weapons Trainer: 10+ years professional experience

Stunt Training: Body Burns, High Falls (25+ feet), Jerks, Fights, Rapelling, Wire Work, Air Ram, Melee Weapons
3rd Degree Black Belt in American Karate

 Film Stunts  

The Birds of Anger, Bishop Studios                       Primary Stunt Performer
Rites of Spring, White Rock Lake Pro.                 Primary Stunt Performer
Pelt, Reelistic Films –                                                Primary Stunt Performer
My Super Psycho Sweet 16, MTV                            Stunt Performer
Crushed By Fate, Crushed Films                             Stunt Performer
Honeysuckle Blues                                                      Stunt Performer
Jenny and the Magician                                            Stunt Coordinator, Performer
The Third Reward                                                        Stunt Coordinator, Performer
Jessica Likes to Hurt People                                     Stunt Coordinator
The Bridge                                                                      Stunt Crew
Love Hurts                                                                      Stunt Crew

Stage Fight Director

Speed-The-Plow, Pinch n’ Ouch Theatre – 2012
Carmen, UNLV – 2012
Reasons to Be Pretty, Pinch n’ Ouch Theatre – 2010
Titus Andronicus, GA State University – 2010
Macbeth (2 Prod), GA Shakes Festival – 2010
The Hobbit (2 Prod), Shiloh – 2010
Mauritius, Actor’s Express2009
A Life in the Theater, Alliance Theater – 2009
The Three Musketeers, Shiloh2008
Stoops to Conquer, Emory University – 2006
King Lear, Emory University – 2006
Bat Boy the Musical, Ad Hoc – 2006
Othello, GA Shakes Festival2006
Midsummer (2 Prod), Emory University2006
Life is a Dream, EmoryUniversity – 2005

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